About the Inter-Residence Council

Our People
We are students. We are residents. We are leaders. And we want you to rethink everything you thought you knew about student involvement on a college campus.

Our Purpose
The Inter-Residence Council 
is an award-winning leadership development organization that helps Hall Councils innovate and grow.

As the governing body of the residential community, we envision new pathways to the future, and we design the services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring those pathways to life.

Our Values

We provide exemplary resources that fill real needs and provide lasting value to residents because we’re genuinely interested in their lives.
We delve intentionally into the unknown, always seeking new opportunities while setting visionary goals for ourselves and our community.
We offer services that extend resident capability, assisting them in creating their collegiate experience. We expect to make our community a better place to live.
We care about what we do. Our resources and services possess a level of quality, accessibility, and value that earn the respect and loyalty of our residents.
We operate transparently to emphasize the importance of trust and vulnerability in our work towards building a meaningful and sustainable community.
If everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We care about how residents feel, and we sculpt our services around that intention. Period.

How Does IRC Make Money?
There is an associated fee of $12 implicit within the cost of living with University Housing that every resident provides at the beginning of each semester. Of this $12, $8 is used to fund the operational account of the Inter-Residence Council, while the remaining $4 is used to fund the operational account of the resident’s respective Hall or Area Council. As a result, the Inter-Residence Council has an operational budget of approximately $70,000 each semester ($8 x ~8,500), and the Hall and Area Councils have between $500 and $2,700 each semester.

In addition to the implicit fee, the Inter-Residence Council also manages a number of unique fundraisers throughout the year that provide parents and residents with subsidized costs for housing items such as linens and carpets, as well as general purpose products such as resident discount cards and care packages.

What Does IRC Do With Its Money?
The revenue made by the Inter-Residence Council is allocated by its members between public programming used to enhance the residential experience and promote community traditions, general purpose funding used to enrich resident initiated projects in their communities, resident leader training and development, and the executive board stipends.