Community Cup

What is it?

  • Friendly Competition amongst hall councils
  • opportunity for collaboration
  • measure of hall council function
  • resource to analyze residential data
  • a way to have archivable programs
  • FUN

How to get points:


Large percentage of your population participated

Large percentage of a unique population participated


RA Coordination

Outside Organizations

Faculty or Staff

Other hall councils




Social Media

Other (Unique or Creative)


Large number of OTM’s submitted from your area

School Winner

State Winner

Regional Winner

National Winner


Focused on sustainability

T-Shirts or other bonding activities

Program reported on time

Your hall council is represented at IRC meetings (Bonus if there is a streak)

Final Spring 2017 Results:

Place Hall & Area Council Points
1 Quad 170
2 Triad 165
3 Wolf Village 113
4 Wood 97
5 Nortauga 95
6 Sullivan 90
7 Metcalf 79
8 Avent Ferry Complex 49
9 Alexander 26
10 Bowen 24
11 Turlington 20
12 Carroll, Wolf Ridge 17
13 Lee, Owen 14
14 Tucker 10
15 Bragaw 0

Results are updated every Thursday before the IRC General Assembly Meetings

If you have questions, please email